Lagestroemia in Europe

Lagestroemia in Europe

Very promising cultivation trials have been carried out since 2017

The first European botanist who brought back a lagerstroemia from the Indies was Dutch. However, for the countries to the north of France, lagerstroemia is a little known or even completely unknown plant. Indeed, its false image of being a frosty plant with bad flowering got the better of its existence on their territory.

With very beautiful constant blooms over the past ten years, our range of lagerstroemia no longer needs to be proven north of the Loire. In 2017, we therefore decided to carry out various crop trials with our German and British neighbours.

In Britain

In Wisley, south of London, the "Royal Horticultural Society" is conducting a comparative trial on 25 lagerstroemia. This garden receives more than one million visitors a year.

The 4 varieties of the Exclusive Collection and the Summer Snow variety are present.

In 2022, thanks to the 3-year follow-up, a jury of experts will award medals to the best performing varieties. To date, our varieties have offered consistently superb flowering every year.

In Germany

A strong network of technical support and professional experimentation stations is in place. Three of them decided to put the Indiya Charms lagerstroemia to the test:

  • 2 in the south of Germany, around Munich
  • 1 further north, in the Hanover region

For 3 years, the technicians who have followed these tests have been very pleasantly satisfied with the general behaviour of the plants and their magnificent summer flowering.